The best way to learn Spanish

Learning a language and becoming fluent is a process which takes time. The best way to learn the Spanish language is to immerse in the language in a country where Spanish is spoken. The language spoken in a country is only part of the countries culture. We think the best way to learn the language is to be in frequent contact with that culture and learn to understand not only what is spoken, but also why it is spoken. LearnSpanish in Spain is somethingto be considered.







More than a language

We should like to introduce you to our school, Get Idiomas, and acquaint you with the range of available courses, along with the numerous cultural activities and various accommodation options, all of which we are sure will meet your demands and more than rise to your expectations.

We suggest that you come and stay in Vitoria, a lovely town, named as European Green Capital in 2012, to learn our language and get to know our culture and customs -in the very best of settings, namely, a relaxed, professional and yet family-like atmosphere. Enjoy learning Spanish in delightful natural surroundings.

We offer:

40 hours course

Accomodation 2 weeks in Vitoria

For only 600 pounds  (individual room with breakfast included in a native spanish host)

Extra per week: 300 pounds




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